Democrat Party said parliament should ask Constitutional Court to clarify its ruling

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The Democrat Party said on Wednesday that they will petition the Constitutional Court, through parliament, to interpret its latest ruling on the charter amendment bill as the ruling was unclear.

“The party [thinks] that the parliament should ask the Constitutional Court for clarification again because many sides are disagreeing [about the clauses] right now,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Democrat Party Leader Jurin Laksanawisit.

The third reading of the charter amendment bill is set for Wednesday and Thursday.

The court ruled on March 11 that the parliament has the remit to change the charter, but only after a referendum.

However, it did not rule whether the third reading of the bill could go ahead before the referendum or the entire amendment process should be dropped and restarted again.

Opposition parties say that they will vote to pass the charter amendment motion while the ruling Palang Pracharath Party said that the entire process should be restarted – potentially delaying constitutional amendment for months.


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