Siamese Satirist: Pakistanis and Gulf emigres question stop anti-asian violence campaigns

Emigres from Pakistan and the Arabian Gulf that have settled in the United States are puzzled by an ongoing, viral campaign to stop “hate against Asian” that has been ongoing for the past few weeks.

As Asians that have been the victim of racial profiling, stereotypes, and extreme violence, West Asian and South Asian-Americans are questioning the suddenly vociferous movement to stop hate-crimes against immigrants from Asia.

“I’ve been stopped at the airport so many times I’ve lost count, have seen friends been attacked for being brown or having a different name,” a Pakistan-American man told the Siamese Satirist. “But some Chinese people get attacked and suddenly the president and Vice President make a statement.”

The current movement has been spurred on after a mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia which left 8 people dead including six people of Asian descent.

Despite no clear evidence that the shooter in the Atlanta case was a white supremacist or any evidence to point to an anti-Asian agenda, mainstream media and the political establishment continue to play the anti-Asian card during the subsequent news cycles.

“What I want to know is where was the outrage when Arabs and Pakistanis were getting shot or being denied their rights,” said the same source. “Or do the only people that qualify as Asians are Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Korean?”


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