Move Forward MP defiant despite lawsuit by Gulf Energy

An opposition MP being sued for libel by an energy company for pointing out connections between the company and the government told Thai Enquirer on Monday that she has no regrets and would continue to fight her case.

Bencha Saenchantra, a MP for the Move Forward party, pointed out during a censure debate in February the connection between Gulf Energy and the government over the past few years.

As a result, she is now the subject of a lawsuit by Gulf Energy.

Benja alleged that the company had been getting government contracts and concessions due to connections and that has resulted in an energy surplus and the over construction of plants.

Benja told Thai Enquirer that she was not willing to back down.

“I still stand that the information I have provided during the censure debate,” she said. Bencha said her intention in bringing forth the allegation was the protection and improvement of society.

Bencha said she was obligated to bring up the allegations because the government was favoring one company.

The Move Forward MP said that she was worried that the libel law was being misused to silence real concerns about the relationship between the government and private companies.

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