Drive-thru Covid-19 tests available at following locations

Following the new outbreaks at entertainment venues in Bangkok and surrounding provinces, the daily number of Covid-19 cases has surged back into the hundreds, and the government is asking people who have visited these venues since March 15 to get tested.

Drive-thru testing facilities are currently available. Current locations and prices include:

Krung Siam St. Carlos Medical Center: 5,000 Baht

Kasemrad Saraburi Hospital: 3,000 Baht

Bangpakok Rangsit 2 Hospital: 4,500 Baht

Princ Suvarnabhumi Hospital: 3,800 Baht

Synphaet Hospital (Ramindra Branch): 3,000 Baht

Synphaet Hospital (Thepharak Branch): 3,500 Baht

Synphaet Hospital (Karnchanabur Branch Hospital): 3,500 Baht

Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit): 4,500 Bath

Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital: 3,990 Baht (Only testing at-risk individuals)

Sukhumvit Hospital: 5,500 Bath

Mahachai 2 Hospital: 4,500 Baht


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