Thailand’s vaccination program lags behind ASEAN neighbors

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On Saturday, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health announced that since the vaccination program began, the country has inoculated 470,301 persons with at least one dose of a vaccine.

When compared to other countries in ASEAN, Thailand’s vaccination program lags woefully behind especially when compared to other ASEAN countries with similar levels of development.

By contrast, as of April 6 over 1.13 million people have been vaccinated for the virus in Singapore.

Malaysia, our neighbour to the south, have vaccinated nearly double the number of people we have with 850,000.

Indonesia has vaccinated 4.2 million people but given that the country is also the most populous in the bloc, that number is just a drop in the bucket.

The Philippines meanwhile has deployed a combination of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinovacs and Sputnik vaccines to over 737,569.

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  • Uses Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna Vaccine 
  • 1,131,658 Million individuals have received first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. 535,864 have received their second dose. (As of April 6).
  • Singapore plans to allow those younger than 45 years old to start Covid-19 vaccine appointments in early June.


  • Uses Pfizer-BioNtech, AstraZeneca, CoronaVac (SinoVac), 
  • 850,000 people have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. (As of April 7)
  • Plans to inoculate 2.3 million senior citizens and at-risk ground during its second stage between April-August, with the third phase to start in May which inoculates the wider population. 


  • AstraZeneca, CornaVac (SinoVac)
  • 4.2 million people have had the first does of Covid-19 Vaccine as of March 14.
  • 1.4 million have had double doses of the vaccine.
  • Expects 20 million vaccines in second quarter. 
  • Has an order for 426 million doses of vaccines for the next 15 months


  • Pfizer-BioNtech, AstraZeneca, CoronaVac (Sinovac), Sputnik V
  • 2.5 million doses have been received as of March 30. 
  • 737,569have received their first dose with 1,344 receiving their second doses, as of March 30. 
  • Aims to secure 148 million vaccine doses to inoculate 50-70 million people within 2021.


  • AstraZeneca, Sptunik V, and NanoVac (Vietnam made vaccine to be available in Fourth Quarter of 2021). 
  • Received 811,200 doses of AstraZenica vaccine in early April. Aims to acquire 150 million jabs under Covax program. 
  • Plans to use 317,550 of the doses in 28 northern localities, 68,700 in central localities, and 245,350 in southern localities. 
  • No data on how many people have been vaccinated 


  • AstraZeneca 
  • Received 324,000 doses from AstraZeneca, manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII) in March under the Covax program.
  • No data on how many have been vaccinated 


  • AstraZeneca 
  • Received 132,000 doses from AstraZeneca, manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII) in March under the Covax program.
  • No data on how many have been vaccinated. 


  • AstraZeneca
  • Received 1.5 million vaccines from Serum Institute of India in January. 
  • No data on how many have been vaccinated


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