American academic has work permit terminated by Thai government

A foreign scholar, who wrote about politics and the lese-majeste law in Thailand, had his work-permit revoked on Friday after security officials had earlier visited his university.

David Streckfuss, an American academic who worked for Khon Kaen University and one of the key figures behind regional news outlet The Isaan Record, revealed on Friday that the university canceled his work-permit last month after the school’s rector was visited by police.

As a result his visa has also been canceled.

The police told the university that the scholar is involve with local politics after David organized an event for writers, artists, academics and activists in the Issan region in February.

The political historian, who is the author of ‘Truth on Trial in Thailand’: Defamation, treason, and lese-majeste’, has been in Thailand for the past 35 years and has contributed invaluable works in his field.

He has been with the university for the past 27 years before his work permit was terminated.

The Isaan Record has asked for a new work-permit for the academic but there is still no answer from the government.


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