Government considers a further 300 bn baht in economic stimulus

Stimulus plans worth around 300 billion baht to cope with the Covid-19 fallout are under consideration, to be introduced at the right time, the Ministry of Finance said Monday.

The ministry has been monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak and other situations that may affect the economy, said Kulaya Tantitemit​​, director-general at the Fiscal Policy Office, adding that the government has launched several measures to cope with such events.

Kulaya said the upcoming stimulus measures will come out as appropriate and consistent with the current economic situation in each period, and for the maximum benefit to Thai citizens.

The address came after the public sector requested the government to stimulate the stagnant economy by injecting up to 200-300 billion baht into the system at the end of May, according to local media.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance denied news reports that Thai government is preparing to borrow 1 trillion baht as additional emergency loans, saying that the current loan decree is sufficient until September this year.


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