Opposition leader says chance of Prayut resigning are ‘slim’ despite awful covid record

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The deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party told Thai Enquirer on Thursday that the chances of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha resigning were slim but that his party would move forward anyway with a petition to remove the premier.

The opposition parties had asked on Wednesday for the National Anti‑Corruption Commission (NACC) to investigate Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha for negligence and for the current cabinet to resign.

They said the premier’s mismanagement has led to the destructive third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen 32,836 cases and 84 deaths since April 1.

Pichai Narithaphan, the Deputy Leader of the Pheu Thai Party, the main coalition party, told Thai Enquirer that the chances of Prayut actually resigning were slim.

“Prayut always think that he is doing the right thing even when the result is apparent that they have failed,” Pichai said. “The only way he will leave is if he is forced out.”

Still, Pichai said, the move by the opposition would go ahead and is meant to show the public about the failures of the coalition government so that they are better informed going into the next election.

Pichai also said that the NACC would likely find Prayut not guilty of negligence, Pichai since the corruption body was mostly appointed by Prayut and previous junta/coup-leaders.

New leadership needed

Pichai told Thai Enquirer that there were many people who could have done a better job than Prayut in reply to arguments made by the ruling party that no one could have done a better job given the various factors.

“There are many, many capable people in Thailand and all they need is an opportunity because Prayut does not know basic things especially the management of the economy.

Pichai said if Prayut resigned but did not dissolve the government, there could be a parliamentary vote for a new prime minister.

But Pichai said the public likely wanted a new general election once the crisis was over to show their displeasure at the government’s mismanagement.


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