Local NGO helps with Khlong Toey outbreak but concerns remain

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After proactive case finding for residents in Khlong Toey district, 50 people were confirmed to be infected with the Covid-19 virus on Friday.

On Tuesday, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration established a proactive case-finding centre at Wat Sapan near Khlong Toey district after 19 confirmed cases found last weekend, all of whom have been hospitalized for treatment.

Of the 50 people infected, 48 have been sent to hospitals and field hospitals while the two remaining require further assistance. Around 900 people have been tested throughout the 10 communities in Khlong Toey.

Panwadee Saengchan, the manager at the Duang Pratheep Foundation told the Thai Enquirer that they are providing food, masks, hand sanitizers, and thermometers for community members who have lost their job due to the pandemic.

“We cannot do much in terms of financial and economic support, which is where we need help from the state,” said Panwadee. “Those who do not have permanent jobs and have to leave their homes to earn their daily living are running out of money. All we can do right now is provide support through food, necessities, face masks, etc.”

“We are providing information to those who are at risk of the disease through the Line messaging application, as well as locations where we are dropping off necessary items.”

Local non-governmental organizations are also coordinating with government agencies and local communities to get people tested.

“We are trying to set up new processing centres in nearby temples to hold infected people before transferring them to field hospitals,” Panwadee said. “One is due to finish on Sunday which will be able to house 50 people.”

Panwadee expressed her concern about virus further spreading in the Khlong Toey district.

“The total population of Khlong Toey is 80,000 people, not including the hidden population as well. The question is whether the state would be read to assist if there is a larger outbreak in the community,” she said. “People are scared and anxious.”


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