Thaksin goes viral on social media after clubhouse appearance

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Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra went viral on social media on Wednesday after a late night appearance on the social media application Clubhouse to talk about the problems Thailand is currently facing.

Thaksin used the opportunity to address the country’s lack of vaccines and sentiment many Thais share about wanting to move abroad. (Read more here)

His sister, former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, also made an appearance in the late night talk. Both siblings are in self-imposed exile after being deposed by a military coup. Thaksin was wanted for corruption while Yingluck is wanted for negligence of duty. Both say the charges are politically motivated and deny any wrongdoing.

On Wednesday the hashtag #นายกในดวงใจ (The prime minister of our dreams) was used in reference to Thaksin and his possible solutions for the country. As of Wednesday morning, the hashtag has been used nearly 500,000 times.

Many took the opportunity to criticize the rule of former coup-leader General Prayut Chan-ocha. Netizens singled out Prayut’s continuing failure to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and his repression of anti-government protesters.


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