Siamese Satirist: Thai students to deal drugs abroad in hopes of becoming government minister

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Thai high school and university students are dropping out of school and queuing up to travel abroad to take up lucrative careers in drug dealing in the hopes that they could become government ministers.

The revelation comes following news that Deputy Agricultural Minister Thammanat Prompan will be able to keep his post in government after a court ruling on Wednesday. (Read more here)

According to the Thai judicial system, Thammanat’s conviction in Australia happened on foreign soil under a different jurisdiction so would not impact his role as a cabinet minister.

Following the ruling, many Thai students have begun aspiring for a political post noting that the precedent set means they can commit any crime abroad and still come back and have a meaningful political career.

“This is a great way to make money for my campaign,” said Nukrean Berneung, a student at a prestigious university in Bangkok. “I don’t even need to wait for a degree, I can just make a fake one abroad while I am smuggling drugs!”

Others are worried about the reputation hit they may take should they enter Thai politics.

“I like that the option is there to enter politics,” said Nukrean Bersong. “But I am concerned about the damage it would do to my reputation if I enter Thai politics. I might just stick to the drug dealing.”


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