Opinion: Thailand has become a country for the few, without functioning institutions

People are losing confidence in the government of General Prayut Chan-ocha because of their continued mismanagement, corruption, and repression.

They are losing their faith in the justice system which has propped up this regime – a heartless system that would sooner jail students and watch them die than adjudicate impartially.

More than half a million netizens have joined a Facebook group made for people who want to leave this country because they see through the fake smiles that’s advertised worldwide.

This week, the country’s highest court made the situation worse, if that were possible.

The appalling decision to allow a convicted drug dealer to continue as a cabinet minister shows that this government no longer cares about saving face or pretending to be filled with ‘good people.’

One does not know whether to laugh or cry at the same time as the country sinks deeper in the depths of mediocrity – a punchline in the back pages of dailies around the world.

The precedence it sets is also very curious. Now, ostensibly, one can commit a crime overseas and still run for office in Thailand. One wonders if the same standards apply if one were to violate say section 112 abroad. .

People are still laughing at those that want to leave the country? After this week, please.

Meanwhile the justice system still sees it fit to hold the students in jail, without bail, under a draconian law criticized by human rights groups around the world.

Thailand is rapidly approaching the borders of becoming a failed state, a joke-nation where the institutions only serve to reinforce the rule of the few and the elections are a sham run by the whims of generals.

If that makes you want to leave this country, you would be forgiven for harboring such sentiments.


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