Ploy Chermarn under fire after catching Covid while island-hopping

Popular Thai actress Ploy Cherman was facing heavy online criticism Monday after reports that the star contracted Covid-19 from beach trips during the past two weeks.

With more than 116,000 mentions within hours, netizens were using the hashtag #พลอยเฌอมาลย์ (Ploy Cherman) on Twitter and other social media platforms to call out the actress for abusing her privileges as a celebrity to go on holiday while many are dying or struggling to make make ends meet during the third wave of the coronavirus. 

Photos posted by Chermarn on her personal Instagram account @chermarn, which has over 7.9 million followers, showcased the star’s luxurious activities during the past month. The actress could be seen hanging out with friends on yachts, going to markets, parties, and scuba diving, all while not wearing a mask.

Netizens also took note of how the star apparently broke rules to travel from Bangkok, as the capital is now considered a high-risk “red” zone.

“It is worth noting that Surat [where Samui and Phangan are located] is a province that requires people traveling from Bangkok to quarantine themselves,” wrote Voice TV anchor Sirote Klampaiboon. “As you can see from [her] timeline, it seems like that was not the case.”

A timeline of her travels up to her infection revealed the actress getting tested for the virus before travelling down to Samui at the end of April. From then onwards, Ploy was reportedly island hopping from Samui to Phangan, as well as meeting friends, staying in luxury resorts and going to restaurants. She later tested positive on May 9, after returning to Bangkok.

“You can see how high the surge [of the virus] has peaked, and the timeline revealed shows how much she went gallivanting around,” a Twitter user wrote. “While you ask commoners to stay home until they are starving to death, the elites and celebrities are traveling comfortably without a care in the world. We aren’t able to return to our normal lives because of this government and the elites.”

Many also criticizing Ploy for her irresponsibility and insensitivity as a public figure in setting a good example for the citizens of her country. 

“While locals from these provinces are confining themselves in their homes until they have gone mad, an individual from a high-risk area has come to travel without any reservations,” another user commented. 

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