Thailand says they are searching for humanitarian solution after arresting Myanmar journalists

Thailand’s government said on Tuesday that it was searching for a humanitarian solution after arresting two Democratic Voice of Burma journalists.

The two journalists from DVB sought refuge in Thailand after the February 1 military coup in neighboring Myanmar. Since taking power, the junta has killed 781 people including 52 children. 4,916 people have been arrested by security forces. Many of those killed or detained are journalists.

Thai authorities arrested the two journalists on Sunday and charged them with illegal entry. The chief editor of the DVB have called on the Thai government not to deport the journalists as they may face repercussions and arrest for their reporting of the junta’s crimes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the government were ‘working’ on the case.

“Thai authorities concerned are coordinating to find possible humanitarian solutions to this case,” Tanee Sangrat, the MFA’s spokesperson, told Thai Enquirer.

Rights and journalism groups have called on the Thai government to not deport the journalists, release them from arrest, and grant them temporary asylum.


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