Buriram makes Covid vaccines compulsory for high-risk groups

Buriram ordered people in high-risk groups to take coronavirus vaccine or face fine and jail time, the province announced this week.

The official order was annouced Thursday night.

The governor of each province has the authority to introduce Covid-prevention and restriction measures as they deem appropriate, according to the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), formed under the power of the state-of-emergency decree.

Buriram Governor Tatchakorn Hatthathayakulorder’s order states that every citizen over the age of 18 who lives and works in the province must fill an offline or online self-evaluation form and hand it in to the local health authority.

The local authority will then determine whether the person is considered to be at risk of Covid-19 infection.

If the person as considered to be at risk, they will have to be vaccinated on the date and time that the authority designates.

Refusal to fill the self-evaluation form can incur a fine of no more than 10,000 baht or jail for no more than one month.

A violator who refuses to be vaccinated could face a fine of no more than 40,000 baht or jail for no more than two years.


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