Covid claims 11 Bangkok taxi drivers

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Eleven taxi-drivers have died from coronavirus infection in Bangkok over the past three weeks, the Department of Health said on Monday.

The drivers are one of the venerable groups at risk of catching the virus and spreading it to their passengers so prevention measures should be strict, said Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, the director general of the department.

He urged drivers who have high fever, coughing and breathlessness to stop driving and seek medical attention immediately.

He said both drivers and passengers must wear masks at all times.

Passengers must wash their hands with alcohol after every service.

Drivers must also wipe down parts of the car touched by passengers with disinfectant including door handles, grab handles, seats, arm rests and interior windows.

The director also asked taxi drivers to provide hand sanitizers in the car for passengers for free.

Drivers have told Thai Enquirer that their income has fallen 50 per cent because of the drop in tourists and lockdowns. Most of the time they cannot even afford hand sanitizer for their own family let alone hand it out to customers for free, some have said.

They urged the government to help provide hand sanitizers and disinfectants to help lower their Covid-prevention expenses.

The capital has been reporting more than 500 cases since May 1 and the majority of the 520 Covid-related deaths in the third wave since April 1 have been found in Bangkok.


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