Opinion: Yet another ‘good person’ tied to the government is accused of corruption

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Prasit Jeawkok is dominating all the headlines so far this week after he turned himself into face charges that he scammed hundreds of people out of millions of baht.

He is just the latest in a long line of colourful character connected to the Prayut Chan-ocha government.

The Progressive Movement said in December that he is the head of the army’s Information Operations (IO) unit which is charged with creating social media propaganda to reinforce the government and the institution.

What we now know from local media reports is that he is a businessman from Krabi who is the chairman of the Web Sawadee and the Mandawee Group.

He is the creator of the M-Help Me “Save Your Life” application that works to relieve traffic congestion.

He is also well connected with the government, he is the chairman of a project called “Kern Khun Pan Din” or “Paying Back the Land” a state-funded program that works with the army.

Prayut even went to the launch of Prasit’s book launch in Chiang Mai.

On paper, he is one of the “good people” that this government wants to work with.

But, Prasit and four others are now being charged for embezzling a billion-baht worth of assets and donations over the past years.

Some of the charges include credit card fraud, bank account scams, fake tour packages, and trading scams.

Prasit denied the accusations and said that he was being “bullied.” By whom, we do not know. What we do know is that there is yet another person accused of wrongdoing tied to this government.


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