Ministry of Labour releases most coveted jobs list during Covid

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Thailand’s unemployment rate rose to a decades high rate last year on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those that kept their jobs found less working hours and deteriorating conditions as the pandemic took its toll on work force.

But not all jobs are created equal with some jobs more sought after than others during these trying times.

The Ministry of Labour on Wednesday released a list of the most sought after part-time jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Among them are:

Services: Including dog walkers and gamers
We totally get it, during a time when we have to socially distance, bonds with our furry companions might be the best chance we have at physical interactions. While the rise of gaming has only been helped by the pandemic. Twitch and Facebook gaming is now more popular than ever.

Creative jobs: Logo designer, sticker makers, E-book compiler
Even without office hours, it seems that the most rewarding jobs are ones that are outside the virtual cubical where people are allowed to think on their own and creatively.

Online learning: Including online fitness instructors and equity investment
The rise in demands for these kinds of services has been exponential. It helps that the job involves a lot of interactions with clients (even though it may be through zoom) and that mean less time in isolation.

Internet Chefs
While restauranteurs may be suffering through the pandemic, chefs have been able to find ready buyers for their wares on Instagram and Facebook. Door-to-door delivery has made everything possible and people have taken their free time and used it to create their passions.

Home garden farmers
Covid-19 induced downtime has turned many people into resourceful farmers with mushrooms, vegetable, and fruit gardens becoming a popular past time. Many have even found willing buyers online with their new hobby.


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