Thai government says don’t call it the “Thai variant”

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The Thai government is asking people not to call a new strain of Covid-19 detected in the UK the “Thai variant” as it originated in Egypt.

“If the origin is from Egypt then it should not be called a Thai variant,” said Dr Supakit Sirilak, Chief of the Department of Medical Sciences (DMS).

“This is similar to Japan when they found the Brazilian variant. They reported it as the Brazilian strain. Therefore this should be called the Egyptian variant.”

The news came after the UK body Public Health England (PHE) that it had detected a new variant that was first detected in Thailand. Thailand said that the variant was found in people who had travelled to the kingdom from Egypt.

PHE said they have found 109 cases of the new strain in the UK so far while adding that there is currently no evidence that the new strain causes more severe cases and they believe that existing vaccines would work against it.


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