Pathum Thani Covid cluster tops 400 cases

A new cluster at a chicken-meat processing factory pushed Pathum Thani’s daily Covid-cases to more than 400 and two new clusters were found in Bangkok, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) said on Friday.

Of the 2,391 local cases (excluding the 189 cases in 13 prisons and 51 imported cases) that were reported in the past 24 hours, the highest numbers by province were 824 in Bangkok followed by 460 in Pathum Thani, 202 in Samut Prakan and 198 in Phetchaburi.

“Most of the cases in Pathum Thani are still being found via pro-active findings at a chicken meat processing factory and surrounding communities,” said Apisamai Srirangsan, the CCSA’s deputy spokeswoman.

She said the clusters the chicken meat processing factory had led to 854 cases after more than 2,000 pro-active tests were conducted so far.  

The province also has other active clusters at worker camps and markets such as the Simummuang Market where more than 22,000 pro-active tests were conducted and 1,569 cases were found as of June 2.

In Samut Prakan, new clusters were found at a rubber tanning factory, which reported 27 new cases in the past 24 hours after more than 400 pro-active tests were conducted, and a furniture exporting company which reported five new cases.

The cluster at the rubber tanning factory is related to the cluster at a sauce factory which reported 38 cases on Wednesday.

Currently, there are 10 provinces with clusters related factory outbreaks. In total, there are 63,029 registered factories with 3.47 million workers around the country.

The outbreaks at factories are mostly due to crowded conditions in workers’ residential areas and the use of shared facilities, Apisamai said.

Factories that have reported cases have been warned that they would face punishment if they fail to improve the crowded and unsensitized condition at their camps, she said this week. She did not say what such punishment would be.

Another two new clusters were also found in Bangkok, the hardest-hit province in the third wave, which started in the capital and surrounding provinces, bringing the number of active clusters there to 52.

Of the capital’s clusters, 18 were found in worker camps, 14 around markets and shopping centres, 11 in crowded communities and residential areas, six at businesses and factories, two at care homes and one at an unnamed embassy.

The two new clusters were found at a worker camp inside the Royal Thai Police’s Police Education Bureau in Chatuchak and Hua-Pa Community in Suan Luang.

The third wave had now led to 143,116 cases and 1,083 deaths.

Of the 50,105 patients still being treated at hospitals nationwide, 1,182 are in critical condition including 376 on ventilators.

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