Opinion: What was the point of Monday’s vaccine ceremony?

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This government full of dinosaurs does not understand the difference between being competent or pretending to be competent. The public surely sees through their facade.

It is imprinted into their brains that they must hide and deny when they know that they are doing something wrong and they must flaunt it when they believe that they are doing something right.

You can see it with the lack of transparency in their vaccine procurement program.

And now you can see it once again with Monday’s massive ceremony to kickstart the vaccine program.

What is the point of all these ceremonies?

Yesterday’s unnecessary and large gathering has the potential to be a super spreader event.

The government has been reprimanding businesses, factories and markets about the lack of social distancing at their venues but they are not practicing what they are preaching.

This show that they do not understand the meaning of leading by example.

If they do then they should stop making a big deal out of every PR opportunity and actually consider doing them online or with the smallest number of people possible.

The official photos from Bang Sue yesterday might look like the ministers were practicing social distancing during the launch of the nationwide vaccine drive but the reality was much different.

Video footage from the event showed that there was no social distancing at all as their staffs and attendees were packed together on the side of the show.

They also insisted that senior health officials from around the country listen to what the prime minister and his cabinet has to say and join in via teleconferencing, putting most of them in the same room in each province.

Literally nothing new was said. All that risk and there was no upside except for the government to gain some credit.

The whole thing was ridiculous. This government is ridiculous.

On top of that, what cause was there to celebrate? The vaccination drive is lagging woefully behind. A large public ceremony is just an excuse for the public to hurl abuse at their programs.

But to this government, and the dinosaurs running it, they wouldn’t know the difference between praise and abuse.


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