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In a day and age where the world is living in a more homogenized society, where people are now called ‘global citizens,’ my country is leading the way in trying to create segregation.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has many times blamed ‘foreigners’ for spreading the Covid-19 virus but this time around it was his own Bhumjai Thai party that has been the root cause of the 3rd wave of the virus.

Anutin, despite his sharp tongue about foreigners spreading the virus, was dead quiet when it came to the spreading of the virus by his own minister and staff.

But if that was not enough, foreigners in Thailand, who have helped the country in its ups and down and have been key to the country’s economic growth were shunned by the vaccination process.

Only ‘Permanent Residents’ were allowed to be registered for June 7 while ex-pats are left out.

Thailand wants to be a country that is attractive to foreigners, it wants and aims to be the region’s tourism hub, it wants to be a country that will be the France of Asia (having more tourists than its own population).

Well, the way foreigners are treated by the Prayut government is going to leave a lasting negative impression on how foreigners will view the country in the years if not decades to come.

Every country that thrives on foreign nationals to keep their economy humming has implemented equal treatment to all when it comes to access to vaccines, except Thailand.

So shameful is the situation in Thailand that embassies of various countries are now importing vaccines to inoculate their own citizens. To show how inefficient this government is, even corporations are buying their own vaccines to inoculate their staff.

Maybe it is high time that Thailand and the powers that be, realize that if this regime continues to remain in power, then Thailand would remain the sick man of Asia, incapable of managing the smallest crisis.

It is time this government makes a change or gives way to those who can because we can no longer stand this level of mismangement.


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