Here is how you can help fight the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand

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The Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected Thailand both economically and socially with thousands out of work and many more struggling to ends meet. The following is just a brief round up of ways you can help.

Several hospitals are accepting donations to help with COVID-19 treatment. Please check this article (in Thai) for a larger list of hospitals, including those in the provinces (we’ve chosen major Bangkok hospitals for this list, given that the capital is where the majority of infections are happening.)

This page also has information on asking for receipts.

Siriraj Foundation 

Bangkok Bank: 901-3-50034-4

Thammasat University Hospital

TMB Bank: 050-2-00002-9 

Bangkok Bank: 091-0-20188-8

Chulalongkorn Hospital

Kasikorn Bank: 059-1-93894-0

Ramathibodi Hospital

SCB: 026-3-05216-3

Bangkok Bank: 090-3-50015-5

Kasikorn Bank: 879-2-00448-3

Charities Supporting Medical Efforts

Thai Red Cross

Thai Red Cross is supporting those who must sequester themselves for fourteen days with essential kits to ensure they do not have to leave quarantine. 

Donations can be made on this website

Rural Doctor Foundation 

The Rural Doctor Foundation provides support for local hospitals throughout the country. Learn more here (in Thai).

SCB Bank: 340-201715-6

Chaipattana Foundation

Chaipattana Foundation’s Covid-19 Aid Fund is aimed at providing support for hospitals around the country. Learn more here.

SCB: 067-300487-3

Other Causes

Bangkok Community Help 

Bangkok Community Help is dedicated to helping the Khlong Toey community. Learn more about them here. They also accept volunteers. 

Bangkok Bank: 105-5-06287-9

Wildlife Friends Foundation

The Wildlife Friends Foundation rescues and rehabilitates captive wild animals, and has struggled since the start of the pandemic. 

Donations can be made on this website.

Remember to also help your local community and immediate surroundings too. Thank you to Ken Lohatepanont for helping to compile this list.


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