Covid-19 patients who had to live in tents due to lack of hospital beds finally finds care

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Seven people infected with Covid-19 who made headlines around the country for camping outside their flats in Din Daeng due to the lack of hospital beds has been given help, an official told Thai Enquirer on Tuesday.

“They have now been transferred to the Hospitel at Baiyoke Tower II,” Wan Uthaisri, the Head of Environment and Sanitation of the Din Daeng District Office told Thai Enquirer.

The District worked with the National Housing Authority of Thailand in relocating the patients and the tents have been removed.

The seven patients were previously seen camping outside their flats in Din Daeng District as they waited for treatment, but were too scared to go up into their rooms in fear of spreading the virus.

They went viral online after Pradoemchai Bunchuayluea, a Pheu Thai MP for Bangkok shared their plight and used it to criticize the Prayut government for its inadequacy in dealing with the Pandemic.

Wan told Thai Enquirer that authorities and the police were not made aware of the situation until it became viral, as there were no reports of the cases.

“We did not receive any [prior] reports, up until their story went online, and that’s when we went down to assist them,” said Wan.

“They had gotten tested at a field hospital, that’s why they were not transferred to any hospital right away” the Head of the Environment and Sanitation explained.

“Usually, it’s the hospitals that would designate their patients after people are tested there, field hospitals are always on the move, so they do not take care of that.”

Wan added that the patients were actually waiting to be picked up by one of the city’s special unit task forces (หน่วยเฉพาะกิจ), but they were probably still finding a bed, that’s why help was slow to arrive.


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