Official: Lopburi drought “doing better”

The seasonal drought crisis gripping Lopburi province, which has led to a shortage of clean water this past month, is finally “doing better,” an official from the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) told Thai Enquirer on Friday. 

“The drought has partially subsided after we successfully pumped some water back into the production process for farming and other purposes,” said Paradon Rungrokteera, the Head of the DDPM in Lopburi province. The province also worked with the Royal Irrigation Department in draining the water back into the system.

The official didn’t provide any information on exactly where the water was being pumped from or to, or any quantification of the recent improvements.

The central province has been hit hard with the seasonal drought this past month due to “fewer rains than usual,” said Paradon, despite the country supposedly already entering the rainy season since May.

Thailand’s central region has experienced a 37-per-cent drop in rainfall in May and June, local media reported this week, which has directly impacted people’s daily lives and livelihoods.

“There has been a shortage of rain during the past two months,” explained Paradon. “This has led to a shortage of raw water for consumption.”

The Bangkham River, a tributary of the Lopburi River stretching a little over 20 kilometres in the province, has not been flowing for the past month, causing water shortages for 7,000 households across four sub-districts, local media reported earlier this week. 

Another watercourse running dry in the province this season is the Chainat-Pasak canal, where authorities urged locals to stock up on water in containers. 

Locals and farmers in Lopburi during the past month have had to work together in alleviating the drought crisis by themselves, such as loading sandbags to dam the water.

Meteorologists were predicting that the rain will pick up in the next month, said Paradon.

“Now, we just wait for the rain. I cannot answer for certain whether the rainfall will return to normal,” said Paradon. “But the overall picture looks better now.”

Photo source: มูลนิธิสภาเตือนภัยพิบัติแห่งชาติ via Facebook.


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