Opposition parliamentarian blast government after leaked document controversy

Thailand’s government must answer some hard questions after the leak of an internal document suggesting a cover-up in terms of Sinovac efficacy, opposition MPs told Thai Enquirer on Monday.

The document, which shows some of the minutes of a June 30 meeting at the public health ministry, reveals a debate between public health officials and academics whether or not to give Pfizer vaccines to medical workers who have already been vaccinated with Sinovac. It has since been verified as real. (Read more here)

Opposition MPs have used the opportunity to press the government on its vaccination program.

“Do these people not care about the lives of the medical workers that are risking their lives to helping the country?” asked Wiroj Lakkhanadisorn, Move Forward Party MP.

Wiroj told the Thai Enquirer that it is now irrefutable that there are people inside the government who do not want to be made to look bad given their previous support of Sinovac. The face saving, extends, worryingly to the government not giving frontline medical workers mRNA vaccines in case it makes them look bad.

Other parliamentarians have chimed into Wiroj’s statements and said that defending the Sinovac vaccine at this point bordered on the absurd.

“Defending the Sinovac Vaccine is no different from defending the GT200 in the past,” said Pichai Naripthaphan, Deputy Leader of the Pheu Thai Party.

Pichai told the Thai Enquirer that giving the third Pfizer as a booster to medical workers was imperative given the inefficiency of the Sinovac vaccine.

“In Indonesia, where medical workers that were given two doses of the Sinovac vaccine, people have continued to be infected causing another lockdown.

“The mRNA vaccines, needs to be available to everyone in the country, starting with medical workers” said Pichai.


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