Opinion: A nation of heartbreak

Thailand saw its highest ever number of local infections and highest death toll on Thursday. The country is fast transitioning into a place that none of us are familiar with, with desperation creeping around every corner.

Our colleagues at The Standard went out last night at midnight and found people camped in the streets in front of a government hospital trying desperately to get tested for Covid-19.

It is heartbreaking.

How did we as a society, as a country get to this point?

We can criticize the government all we want, and rightly so, but we must also bear some burden of responsibility as well.

Could each and everyone of us do more? Probably. We all have friends and family who nonchalantly flout the rules and go out or host dinner parties or have social gatherings without masks.

We all could have spoken up more and bit our tongue even as the actions of those we love hurt the country we love.

Government policies certainly haven’t helped, in fact they are often to the detriment of the situation, but how did this government come to exist in the first place.

We all play our part in the rule-breaking, the cronyism, the corner-cutting, that our society has become.

Thursday’s numbers should be a wake up call, not only to the personal responsibility we have during a time of national emergency, but that something fundamental within our society must change once we get out of this mess.

It has been said before but it is worth repeating.


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