Do you still believe in the Prayut government? Celebrities weigh in

Usually silent, Thai celebrities are now speaking up against the Prayut Chan-Ocha government, especially on their failures to manage the country during a time of crisis.

On Tuesday, local media publication Thairath polled its millions of Thai followers on social media with the question: Do you still trust the government of Prayut Chan-Ocha?

Thailand is in a national health crisis, and it seems like there is no end in sight. With the pandemic death toll rising and our healthcare system on the brink of collapse, it seems like the government of Prayut Chan-Ocha just cannot get anything right.

Many netizens were up in arms, declaring their dislike and anger towards the government. The people, it seems, are back in full force and speaking up again. 

But this time, we are also seeing many new faces in the bunch, including Thailand’s top celebrities.

Political subjects have often been taboo for Thai celebrities and public figures alike, as many risk losing their jobs and opportunities for expressing personal or controversial opinions. Public figures should, after all, represent all voices of the people. 

But they are also humans, and concerned citizens, too. 

Here are some of Thai celebrities who spoke out against the Prayut Chan-Ocha and their failures in handling the crisis this week.

Ploy Cherman

I do not believe in you [the government] anymore. You have proven yourselves failures in governing this country, with everything destroyed, to an extent that is hard to fathom.

Oom Sakaojai

I never did [believe in the government] because you have always failed to govern your country. You were never able to solve our problems, you never admit to your faults and mistakes, you blame others and blame your citizens, and you never take any accountability. Please leave.

Kratae Rsiam

I do not, there is nothing of legitimacy to them, nothing. Our country has not improved in any way during the past seven years, and I am speaking on behalf of the truth.

Pataratida Patcharawirapong

Not anymore.

Chuzeal Natboworn Setthakanok

I never did.

Namtan Chalita

Is there a reason to believe in them?

Piyapas Bhirombhakdi

I do not. I stopped believing in them more than two years ago.

Ing Shinawatra 

What do you think?

Ton Thanasit

What is there for us to believe in? They manage the country like playing sales. If you are not good at it, then why not try allowing others to do the job, especially during times of crisis? The pandemic during the past almost two years has proven that you are completely incapable of handling the crisis.

Nune Noppalak

I do believe. I believe that the lives will not end well of those who corrupt their ways and steal money from the country, from its tax-paying citizens.

Isora Hata

I still believe – that the government of Prayut Chan-Ocha will drive Thailand off a cliff. And I believe that this is the outcome of every government that comes from a military coup.

Bom Anuruk KPN

They cannot handle or manage anything. This should be considered awful.


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