Opinion: Sunday’s protest is ill-advised and strategically stupid

The protest leaders, including Anon Numpa, have called for a protest against the government on Sunday. The protest leaders want some 10,000 people to show up.

In the midst of a pandemic that is ravaging the country and killing thousands, it is incredibly ill-advised and strategically unwise.

In short, it is stupid.

Anon said that the protesters were going to practice some sort of social distancing measure. For anyone that has been to a protest, they know this to be impossible.

With Covid-19 spreading through the population like wildfire and the Delta variant on the rise, this will turn out to be a cluster.

And if it does, all the pressure that has been on the government will be let off and the blame will be shifted to the protesters.

Keep in mind, that the government has never been under pressure like they have been now. The entire country is united in their criticisms of the government’s Covid-19 response. Why give the government an excuse to point the finger elsewhere?

You can argue that the protests must continue that the student’s other demands are heard. If that is the case, find a more creative, less dangerous way to protest.

If a single person dies from Covid because of this protest then their blood will be on the hands of the organizers.

Thai Enquirer has never been shy about covering the student protests and showing their demands but with this protest, it is hard to find any room to give it any support or coverage.

It is giving the government a lifeline when they are under intense pressure, it is risking the lives of not only the protesters but their families as well, and it is strategically and creatively lacking.

If i were a protester, I would not go and support this mess that seems more to do with the protest leaders ego than the ultimate objectives of the protests.


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