Phuket introduces measures after reporting increased Covid-19 cases

Phuket will increase Covid restriction measures, the province announced on Monday, to curb increasing Covid-19 cases.

In an order signed by Phuket’s governor, Narong Woonsew, the province will close down more at-risk businesses to stop the spread of coronavirus on the island.

Phuket reported 11 new Covid cases on Sunday compared to two cases on July 12.

The measures that will come into effect on Tuesday include:

  • Pubs, bars, karaoke lounges and other entertainment venues will continue to be close.
  • Cock fighting, fish fighting, bird racing, chicken racing and boxing rings will now be close.
  • Malls will continue to be open but game cabinets, gaming shops, children playthings and fun parks will be closed inside the malls. The closing time will be 21:00.
  • Restaurants can open and the serving of alcoholic drinks will continue to be allowed but the closing time will be 21:00 instead.
  • No activity and alcoholic drinks on public beaches, parks, playgrounds and on the side of the roads.
  • No gathering of more than 150 people.
  • No parties or ceremonies. For funeral, ordination, and marriages that have already been scheduled, they must adhere to Covid prevention measures such as social distancing.

Violator could face a fine between 20,00-100,000 baht or a jail time between 1-2 years or both.

The province is being used as a pilot project to see the impact of vaccinated travellers.

Phuket deputy governor Piyapong Chuwong said on Monday that the province welcomed 7,462 vaccinated visitors between July 1 and 17.


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