Opinion: To the people that still support this government, please explain it to me

Apparently, there are still people who support this government.

There are people who still love ‘Uncle Tu,’ still believe that this is a government run by good people, and that there is no alternative to Thailand except for the Prayut Chan-ocha administration.

Obviously, I disagree. The reasons for my disagreements are manifold and have been published in these pages before. But the most important reason for my disagreements can be found in the daily Covid numbers that are published every morning. For the past week, that number has steadily increased to over 10,000 cases per day.

I think there is empirical proof that the government mismanagement is responsible for this increase in numbers.

You may disagree.

And that is why I want to write this piece.

For the people that still support this government, please just tell me why? I want to know your mindset. I want to know where you’re coming from. Please write me, please tweet me, Facebook me, call me. I want to know.

What compels you to give them your support? Is it because you hate Thaksin Shinwatra so much that you can’t see past that hatred even though thousands of your countrymen have died? Was Thaksin so corrupt that any price in treasure and lives is worth his erasure? Is this government not corrupt? Is the current management not so much worse than anything Thaksin and his family have done?

Or are you a single issue voter? To you the monarchy is everything that Thailand should be. To you the children’s protest is disgusting, full of low life’s who don’t appreciate everything the crown has ever done for Thailand. So you chose the most loyal, royalist government by default. Is this the best and finest that the conservatives in Thailand can offer? This crew of drug dealers, corrupt generals, and clueless politicians. Are all the lives and livelihoods being lost worth the single issue? Is their mismanagement of the country not more damaging to the crown than anything the children can ever do?

Or do you just hate Thanathorn Juangruanruangkit and his progressive ideas. Do you think the country is moving too fast, moving too quickly in a direction you’re unfamiliar with. I understand that but in a vibrant democracy you too could support a party that values conservatism and the preservation of the past. This government is not that. This government only pretends to care about democracy while working actively to undermine it. It has sapped the foundations of our democracy and infested it with its blight. Believe that we can be more, believe that pluralism can off you a chance to hold onto your values. Don’t tie what you cherish about our past to a bunch of corrupt army men who do not actually care, who are destroyIng the country with their rule.

Or the worst possible option is that you actually think this is the best government that we can have given the circumstances. That you have taken a look at the political field and concluded that this gang of local mafiosos, coup leaders, drug dealers is the best team to take us through this mess. To you the hundreds of thousands infected and the thousands dead is actually a best case scenario.

How utterly bleak.


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