Leaked document allegedly shows government ‘watchlist’ of dangerous dissidents

A document that was leaked to the press on Monday evening purportedly shows a government watchlist of dissidents that is under government surveillance and facing travel restrictions.

The document was sent to the press by members of the opposition and features some of the most prominent anti-government protesters along with opposition parliamentarians and journalists.

Included in the list are Move Forward Party Leader Pita Limjaroenrat, former Future Forward Leader Thanathorn Juangruangroongkit, protest leader Anon Nampa, and journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk.

The government has yet to comment on the authenticity of the document but a spokesman for the army told Thai Enquirer on Tuesday that the document was “fake news.”

It is unclear what kind of restrictions face those on the watch list but if the list is real is a worrying escalation of the administrations war on civil liberties.

“Not only is the administration using continuous violence and arrest against peaceful protesters but this document is troubling because it includes members of the press and politicians as well,” said Thai political analyst Arun Saronchai.

“That means to the government, they will paint anyone that opposes them with the same brush. What we need to understand now is what membership on this list entails and what kind of surveillance is being done against them,” he told Thai Enquirer by phone.


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