Apologies seem empty after a late-night clash which saw live rounds used

The Royal Thai Police, through an official announcement on Monday, apologized to residents in Din Daeng who were impacted by the police confrontations with anti-government protesters over the weekend.

Yet later that evening, police once again clashed with protesters which saw two demonstrators shot with live ammunition.

“Following the clashes with protesters in front of a flat in Din Daeng, The Metropolitan Police Bureau would like to apologize to the residents in the area who were affected by the incident from the actions of the officers,” said Piya Tawichai, Bangkok’s Deputy Police Chief and spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police said on Monday.

“The only purpose we had was to try to control the situation and solve the issue at hand, and by no means did we intend to cause harm or problems to the people.”

Piya Tawichai, Bangkok’s deputy police chief clarified to reporters that the state had no intentions to cause disruptions or damage towards the public, and also explained that there was no need for the police to have fired those rubber bullets upwards during the weekend’s confrontation on Sunday evening, which led to 17 injuries. 

The deputy police chief also added tear gases would only be used at Din Daeng Intersection as a means to disperse the crowd and maintain peace and to reduce the impact towards other civilians nearby. However, some protesters have been using innocent civilians and bystanders as cover, in which Piya said that the police will refrain from confronting and firing tear gas to create as least damage as possible.

Piya’s statement came hours before live rounds were fired on Monday night, according to local media reports.

Two protesters were seriously injured by the use of live ammunition.


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