Opinion: Prayut thinks you, yes you, are too stupid to notice

The Prayut Chan-ocha administration thinks you are stupid. Let me rephrase that. The Prayut administration thinks that all Thai people are stupid.

That is why they don’t think that you would notice when they snuck their amnesty clause into the Communicable Diseases Act.

For those that haven’t been paying attention, the government wants an amnesty act that would protect doctors and policy makers in the public health sector so that they can continue to fight the pandemic without worrying about potential lawsuits.

The government argues that this step is necessary so that hard decisions can be made regardless of the outcome.

Interpreted differently, the amnesty act retroactively protects politicians from any legal consequences of their disastrous vaccination policy which has contributed to the current Covid-19 crisis.

However, after massive backlash from the public and the opposition, the government withdrew plans for the amnesty bill earlier this month.

Now, it seems as if the government has snuck through the amnesty act by amending an old law.

To sum it up, they think you’re stupid. They think you will not notice this step they’ve just taken which protects their misgovernance.

They think the majority of Thais are too apathetic, too fatigued, too ignorant to care that this has just happened.

It is up to us to prove them wrong.

It is up to all Thais to prove them wrong. The time for apathy or lethargy is over. The government has not only failed the Thai people in its pandemic response, it is now passing laws that absolve itself of any wrongdoing.

Wake up your neighbours, wake up your family, appeal to their sense of justice, of fair play, of decency. The time to stand idly by is over.


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