Opinion: If there was no video leak, would killer cop get away with murder?

Jeerapong Thanapat was suffocated to death by Thitisant “Joe Ferrari” Uttanapol that much is clear. What people may not know while watching the horrifying leaked video was that the incident happened weeks ago on August 5.

If the video of Joe and six other officers torturing and killing the drug suspect did not surface on Tuesday, will Joe and his thugs ever be prosecuted?

Sadly, in this society, the answer is most likely no.

For example, think back to the so-called elephant ticket – which purportedly shows officers tipped for promotion regardless of seniority – was anything ever done about it? No.

So we have to thank the heroes, and we don’t use this word lightly, who risked their personal safety to ensure justice is served.

First was the low-ranking police officer who released the clip and Sittha “Tum” Bearbangkerd, the lawyer who posted it on his social media account.

Without them, Thitisant would have carried on doing what he has been doing.

So far, there is no evidence that they have done this before but the way that the torture was being conducted made it look like this was not their first time.

In this case, social media has done its job in spreading and ensuring the culpable do not escape free as is often the case in Thailand.

It also exposes what Thai people have known all along, the biggest mafia in this country is the police and nothing has changed.

Prayut can keep on saying that he will reform the police to get rid of corrupt officers but it seems like he enjoys employing them in his service.

The police released a list of at least 29 cars belonging to Thitisant including a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Bentley and four Porsche.

Impressive for someone who makes less than 50,000 per month.

Somehow the Office of the Inspector General, the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) keeps missing these high-earning cops and generals.

Do we trust these organizations to investigate the case further? See if this is part of something bigger? Doubt it.

The police inaction before the clip was released shows a corrupted system that must be purged. If one powerful corrupted officer can forge a fake cause of death to hide his wrongdoings, there are probably other cases too.

I mean, Police Major General Yingyot Thepjamnong, the spokesman of the Royal Thai Police, still has the gull to say after the clip was released on Tuesday that they will just transfer or suspend Thitisant first until further investigation is made.

The clip clearly shows that he was suffocating another person to death and that was the immediate reply from the police?

The truth is if the clip was not released on Tuesday, there will be no arrest warrants for Joe and the other officers.

That is the true crime here.


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