Most shocking quotes from surreal press conference with killer-cop

Last night, the head of the Royal Thai Police Suwat Jangyodsuk shocked the nation when he allowed former cop and a murder suspect Pol Col Thitisant “Joe Ferrari” Uttanapol to address the nation in a nationally televised press conference.

Suwat said social media had been reporting that Thitisant was trying to extort the dead drug dealer so he wanted people “to hear what happened from the mouth of the person who had committed the crime.” 

Unfortunately, the surreality did not end there. Here are some highlighted edited for clarity.

On putting a plastic bag over a alleged drug dealer’s head and asphyxiating him to death:

Thitisant: Let me tell you what actually happened, the truth is that we captured a suspect who has in his possession one kilo of methamphetamine and around 10,000-20,000 Yaba tablets. 

Normally I do not take charge but this was a big case. We have questioned him and he would not tell the truth. I admit that what I have done is not right but my intention was to get information so we could find the drugs that are hurting the people in Nakhon Sawan.

It is all my fault and I have ordered all my subordinates to do what I said, they are not involved and they tried to stop me.

We wanted to do our job, this has nothing to do with money. 

I admit what I have done is wrong and I will accept whatever the court rules, they can sentence me to life imprisonment.

I have no intention to kill him, my only intention is to do my job for the people to protect the young people from being addicted to drugs.

On the actual asphyxiation/execution/murder of the victim:

I only put on the bag on his head because I did not want him to see my face but he tried to rip the bag off so I had to tie him down and put the handcuff on him or else he would try to rip the bag.

I have never done this before; this is the first time. 

When the suspect passed out, we were in shock, and we do not know what to do. When we checked his pulse and his breathing we found he was still breathing and it was weak.

On alleged corruption (he owns dozens of luxury cars):

This is not about trying to extort money, since I’ve become a public servant I have never engaged in corruption.

On allegations that he falsified hospital records

The reason why there is a document which said that he dies from meth intoxication was because we were told by his wife that he was using a lot of drug every day, he doesn’t really sleep so we believed that he knocked out because he was using drug.

Apologizing to the public  

First, I would like to say sorry to all Thai citizens. All I wanted to do is my job but I have made a mistake and I admitted my mistake. 

Secondly, I would like to say sorry to the mother and father of the person because it was unintentional.

Third, I would like to say sorry to the chief of police and every police officer that this is my mistake and there are many good police, this is all my fault, and I would like to say sorry to everyone.

On trying to cover up the truth and disabling the CCTV footage

We did not know what to do so we just informed the father and figured out what to do later.

I admit that it was my mistake because I was in shock and nothing like this ever happened. I am still young and I have little experience so I have to admit my mistake. I do not know what to do so I told my subordinates to disabled it.

Media report: But you were a chief of a police station.

Thitisant: Some of the camera were also broken so I told them to just take everything off, I did not know that there was a camera in the room. 


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