Bangkok’s easing of lockdown restrictions, explained

Following the gradual fall of cases throughout the country, the Thai government, in a bid to restore economic activity, is now easing lockdown restriction measures in Bangkok, its surrounding regions and the other “dark red zone” areas starting on September 1, the government spokesperson confirmed to Thai Enquirer on Wednesday.

“The easing of lockdown measures will be according to the Royal Gazette announced earlier this weekend,” the Deputy Government Spokeswoman, Dr. Ratchada Thanadirek, told the Thai Enquirer. “The ATK and vaccination regulations are indeed in principle, but they are not going to be implemented [tomorrow], this is also according to the Royal Gazette.”

Here are some of the highlights to what the easing of lockdowns would look like starting September 1, according to the 32nd edition of the Royal Gazette that was published on Saturday.

Article 4: Curfew hours still extended

Curfew hours between 9 pm to 4 am are to be extended indefinitely, while work from home measures in both the private and public sector are to be extended for a period of at least 14 days (until September 14, 2021).

Article 5: Reopening of businesses

  1. Schools and all other types of educational institutions are now able to utilize their buildings and spaces for teaching, exams, training or any other educational-related activities with a “large” number of participants.
  2. Businesses selling food and beverages can now be open for dine-in services, while limiting the number of customers, until 8 pm. The selling of alcoholic beverages is still prohibited. Those operating in air-conditioned rooms must limit the seating capacity to 50 per cent from the original capacity, while those operating in open areas where there is good ventilation can operate at 75 per cent from the original seating capacity. This applies to all restaurant establishments operating as standalones, stalls, inside the community and department stores or outside on the streets throughout the 29 restrictive provinces.
  3. Salons, barbershops and beauty clinics can now open.
  4. Health establishments such as Thai massage parlors to open for only services surrounding foot massages.
  5. Flea markets can now be open until 8 pm, and are only limited to selling consumer products.
  6. Department stores, shopping centers, community malls and other similar establishments can now be opened at normal times until 8 pm.


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