Prayut says AstraZeneca picked SBS as partner, not the government

The government said on Thursday that it was AstraZeneca who was the one that picked Siam Bioscience (SBS) as the producer of its vaccine in Thailand, not the government, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha said during the censure debate.

His comments came after Jiraporn Sinthuprai, a Pheu Thai MP, said that the government made a wrong decision when they picked SBS as the producer of AstraZeneca vaccine in Thailand because the company was a loss-making company and has no experience in producing vaccines. It is a criticism that has been echoed by members of the opposition.

“The decision on which producer was done by the company, not the government,” Prayut said. “Many people have used this to defame the government so they have to be careful.”

Prayut said during the censure debate that AstraZeneca might not be able to deliver as many vaccines as expected but at least Thailand has received the know-how.

The Move Forward Party also said on Wednesday that the government has put Thailand in a disadvantageous position when they signed a contract with AstraZeneca without a clear timeline of when the products will be delivered.


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