Opinion: Dear China, please butt out of our internal affairs

The Chinese embassy in Thailand recently posted that critics of Chinese-made Sinovac vaccines were hurting relations between the two countries and hurting Chinese offer of help during the Covid-19 crisis.

It may have been referring to the censure debate last week which saw numerous opposition politicians criticize the government’s procurement of Sinovac vaccines over more effective doses from the west. Or it could be referring to the general public’s apathy towards Sinovac doses and its anger that the government wasn’t doing more to provide different vaccines to Thais.

Or it could be both.

But the Chinese diplomatic staff noted that every vaccine dose supplied to Thailand was a token of the friendship and sincerity that Beijing extended to the Thai people.

To that, I say please butt out and kindly mind your own business.

Or would you like to explain to the public why Sinovac doses cost more than other vaccines that are far more effective at fighting and preventing Covid-19?

Would the Chinese diplomatic staff like to explain why they are so ardently defending this ineffective medicine that Thailand still insisted on buying up until last week? Or explain what role Thailand’s largest conglomeration CP has in the procurement process given that it owns a part of Sinovac’s parent company?

Would the Chinese diplomatic staff like to explain why it is defending a private company and criticism of the private company? Or is the West right and every company in China merely an extension of the Chinese Communist Party?

Can the Chinese diplomatic staff explain why both my Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai and my house speaker Chuan Leekpai continues to defend this PRIVATE company and PRIVATELY Owned vaccine, which has proven to be less effective than others, in parliament and outside?

If you can explain all that then please chime in whenever you want Dear Chinese Embassy.

If you can’t? Then please butt the hell out and go back and attempt to hide your concentration camps.


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