Toddler found after being abducted for “sacrifice” to the forest

A toddler who was allegedly abducted from her home at a remote village in Chiang Mai was found unharmed on Wednesday, according to local media.

Chiang Mai’s police chief, Major General Pichet Jeeranantasin, told reporters that a Myanmar national confessed to abducting the girl to “sacrifice her to the forest.”

The search for the missing one-year-and-eleven-month-old girl, Phonsiri “Nong Gina” Wongsilarung, began last Sunday when her parents reported her disappearance to the local authorities in Mae Taeng district.

The suspect name Seaw, who was a friend of the girl’s father, told the police after hours of interrogation that he abducted her because the ghosts that protected the forest and the mountain near the village told him to do so.

He said he took her to a cave less than three kilometers from the girl’s village and just left her there without harming her before he came back down to the village alone.


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