Photo Essay: Bangkok officially launches first mobile COVID-19 vaccination unit

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), on Wednesday, introduced its first Mobile Vaccination Unit (BMV), an active vaccination service which adapts a pilot bus into a mobile vaccination center.

Able to accommodate around 100 people per day, the buses are equipped with all the necessary medical tools for vaccination, such as the monitor of body temperatures and blood pressure, a refrigerator for storing vaccines, first aid kits, field beds, and an automated external defibrillator, and are able to operate as any other standard vaccination centers in hospitals.

Not only that, the main drive of the BMV is to facilitate vaccination efficiency among the public by reducing traveling and risks of getting infections on public transportation. It will allow to give the residents of Bangkok, which is the hardest hit province by the outbreak in Thailand, more accessibility in receiving the vaccines, said the BMA.

Photography by James Wilson.


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