‘Movers & Shakers’ on the SET for September 17

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The SET Index rose 3 points to close at 1631.7 on Thursday.

TCAP, KKP, BLA, KTB were positive movers on the SET while BAY, SABUY, TTA went the other direction.

Turnover on the SET rose 9 per cent over the previous day to Bt79.9bn, which is 4.5% below its past five-day average.

Retail investors are net sellers for the entire week. Foreigners are net buyers big stocks – KBANK, AOT, CPALL., etc.

Investory Type16-Sep-2115-Sep-2114-Sep-2113-Sep-2110-Sep-2109-Sep-21
 Local Institutions552.6744.3278.1989.5209.71,829.6
 Foreign Institutions1,372.8-667.1350.9515.1716.3-2,369.5
 Retail Investors-1,325.4-396.4-1,049.1-1,765.1-224.31,088.8
 Brokers Portfolio-599.9319.3420.1260.6-701.7-548.8
 SET Index1,631.71,628.01,623.81,633.81,635.41,629.1
Amount in million baht, Index in points     

Most Active, Most Down, Most Up

NameLast price%ChTurnover% vs 5ADT52W high
 Stock Exch Of Thai Index1,631.70.22  1,658.1
 Thai  Set Total Val Trds 8.7579,594.6-4.32175,296.3
 Ptt Pcl39.81.923,212.70.1945.0
 Delta Elec Thai562.0-2.093,128.4-0.00838.0
 Scg Packaging Pc64.5-2.642,830.00.9371.5
 Global Power Syn77.8-2.512,319.21.3288.0
 Banpu Pub Co Ltd13.02.362,228.40.6213.9
 Cp All Pcl64.31.581,689.80.1270.3
 Ptt Expl & Prod113.00.441,542.30.20125.0
 Ptt Global Chem60.81.251,468.80.2870.0
 Kce Electronics78.5-1.881,430.90.2889.5
 Kasikornbank Pcl123.00.821,390.3-0.22153.0
Price in baht, Turnover in million baht, Index in points  
NameLast price%ChTurnover% vs 5ADT52W high
 Aq Estate Pcl0.033.3320.2#DIV/0!0.0
 Vichibhan Palmoi2.330.001,
 Thai Vivat Ins9.715.5736.42.069.8
 Chumporn Palm4.312.57421.62.244.4
 Twz Corp Pcl0.17.69181.30.550.2
 Srivichai Vejviv12.36.96104.01.9415.2
 Thai Group Holdi31.06.900.0-0.4341.0
 Srithai Superwar1.66.85259.92.261.7
 Green Resources2.06.81122.21.952.2
 Chularat Hospita3.86.18701.41.064.4
Price in baht, Turnover in million baht, Index in points  
NameLast price%ChTurnover% vs 5ADT52W high
 Aj Advance Techn0.59-13.24222.9 0.9
 U City Pcl1.65-12.70570.10.162.2
 Tbsp Pcl23.30-12.080.4-1.0028.3
 Mcot Pcl7.40-8.6424.7-0.698.5
 Pp Prime Pcl0.37-7.5011.7-0.800.6
 Occ Pub Co Ltd9.95-6.130.0-1.0012.8
 Mdx Pcl7.50-4.46137.70.038.1
 Tong Hua Holding3.08-4.3526.7-0.804.3
 Mfec Pub Co Ltd9.10-4.21134.32.269.9
 Origin Property10.50-3.67108.90.9711.0
Price in baht, Turnover in million-baht, Index in points  

Politics and Economy

Bangkok’s reopening on October 15 will be delayed.

Phuket is running short of hospital beds to treat covid patients

Iron ore is going through a swift adjustment – iron ore futures are down big time. UBS warns Iron ore may fall below $100 and may stay there. Iron ore trading has an impact on shipping stocks with a time lag.



To help passengers, BTS has decided to give away its monthly fare pass scheme that expires unused rides credit within a month. It is good for the riders but will cause slight loss for BTS. A new promotion will be launched to make up. No impact on the price.

BTSGIF, the operator of the BTS skytrain’s farebox, has performed poorly since Covid hit Bangkok. It was an institutional stock due to regular dividend. While its ability to earn and pay dividend is very much intact, provided and when things become normal, it is not touted a reopening play by any analyst. Due to accounting regulations and partly due to low business it omitted last dividend payment. When things around, and they will do by early next year, BTSGIF will have capital gains and resumption of dividends. Contrarians will buy it now – when things are the worst.

PTTGC – Sold Bt395m worth of treasury shares – i.e., it sold its own shares it had bought earlier under a buyback plan. The sale seems to be have well managed, perhaps sold in past 2-3 days, given unchanged share price and healthy trading volume. PTTGC has 20 Buys,  6 Holds and just 1 SELL. The overhang of further sale could keep a lid of price rise. Relatively, IVL appears a better stock to BUY.

EPG – Expects to be added to SET100 Index. It makes auto accessories and packaging material maker. 9 Buys with target price of Bt15.3

AMATA – A few brokers are making a case for strong 4Q profit for most industrial developers – WHA, AMATA an ROJNA. While 3Q profit is weak, as with most listed companies, a strong rebound in 4Q, or the sentiment on recovery could  boost share price. Speculative

Trading Flows

Million Baht16-Sep-2115-Sep-2114-Sep-2113-Sep-21

DELTA – Continues to fall on high volume (see top traded stocks table above). It is on top of the short sales list.

SCGP – Started to fall after downgrade by KSS. Increased trading volume yesterday shows the sell trend could continue.

BANPU – The rights issue subscription ends this week. Rising coal price prospects and new investments attracting retail  – foreigners absent as foreign holding remains low. 

Brokers Picks

BLS reiterates Overweight on property sector and cites increased launches of residential projects last month. It expects SPALI and LPN to post strong recovery in 3Q results. Most brokers are neutral or underweight on the sector,

GFPT – New receipe, new customer – positive outlook

SAT – BUY, Negatives priced in (brave call of when industry is plagued by shortage of chips)

IVL – New global capacity additosn may squeeze a few chemcial spreads – IV is best placed from rising volume and stable spreads

Stock Price Info

Stock Fundamental

Peer Comparison

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