OnlyFans star arrested over explicit web videos

Popular adult content creator and OnlyFans model known as Kainaoa (“rotten egg”) and her boyfriend were arrested in Samut Prakan Monday for allegedly violating decency laws by sharing sexual content on the subscription-based service.

According to police, Kainaoa, 19, and her boyfriend, 20, have violated two criminal laws by sharing what they consider to be “obscene” images on the website, and for allegedly enticing others to engage in sexual activity for financial gain.

Thai netizens have called out the state for double standards and abuse of power, and indicated their support for the young woman and her boyfriend. Additionally, netizens are using the hashtag #น้องไข่เน่า on social media to highlight how sexual work still carries a severe stigma in Thailand and is prosecuted over real crimes like corruption and murder.

“Her body, her choice,” one Twitter user wrote.

“So I live in a country that criminalizes and arrests people for filming their sexual content online to make money, but not those who commit real corruption and actual murders,” another user fired. “Other countries [in the world] even make porn as their main income. Are you [the government] still claiming for the validity of your morals here?”

The content creator and her boyfriend are alleged to have earned “millions” of baht through sharing their content on OnlyFans, which has drawn many subscribers and viewers.

On her YouTube channel, Kainaoa, or Tawan, spoke to her fans about her journey towards her newfound fame and popularity, emphasizing that she wanted the Thai law to recognize sex work as a legitimate industry and a means of making money for those who freely desire it.

The 19-year-old admitted that she has constantly been harassed by both state officials and private individuals for being so open about sharing such content online in a conservative country like Thailand, and said that she wanted to normalize sexual activity and sex work.

Kainaoa and her boyfriend were subsequently called into the police station over the weekend for questioning about their allegedly “illegal” activities online, in which she reportedly admitted to her actions. According to the police, the couple would be persecuted.

The Thai Royal Police warned Monday that those involved in releasing “obscene” content online in Thailand will undergo scrutiny and face up to 60,000 baht in fines or up to three years in prison if found guilty.

The same day, Kainaoa, announced that she was going to quit the platform due to “police pressure.” On Monday night, Kainaoa and her boyfriend were arrested.

At the time of writing, the hashtag #น้องไข่เน่า (Nong Kainaoa) has been tweeted over 97,000 times.


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