Security tight as October 6 remembrance ceremonies get under way

Security officials are manning key points around Bangkok on Wednesday ahead of planned protest and a remembrance ceremony to commemorate the October 6 massacre at Thammasat University.

The government has tried to block the ceremony which is being held on the 45th anniversary of the October 6 massacre by threatening the arrest of attendees for violating the pandemic’s emergency decree.

It has also pressured Thammasat University to close its doors to the events.

But those attempts were in vain as the ceremony began early on Wednesday morning with politicians from the opposition party and survivors in attendance.

A sizable crowd laid wreathes and made short speeches remembering the events of October 6, 1976 when police and security officials laid siege to Thammasat University resulting in a massacre of unarmed pro-democracy student-protesters.

A reactionary lynch mob also joined the police in chasing down students on that day egged on by government propaganda and rumors of the student’s communist leanings.

It is unclear why the government sought to stop Wednesday’s ceremony from happening but the increased security presence was noted by Thai Enquirer correspondents throughout the city.


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