YG not letting Lisa attend Paris Fashion Week sparks global outrage

Lisa’s fans worldwide were fuming on Wednesday after realizing their star was not allowed to join the BVLGARI-backed show at the Paris Fashion Week this year due to Covid-19 concerns.

The hashtag #YGLetLisadoHerWork trended on Wednesday as many fans took to social media to voice their disappointment with her agency firm YG Entertainment. They said this isn’t the first time that Lisa was restricted in her activities.

“Unfortunately due to Covid, her Agency prefers her not participating in events or shows,” BVLGARI’s chief executive Jean-Christophe Babin said on his instagram, even though Lisa is currently in Paris.

“Pity as we have an incredible Bvlgari event tomorrow in Milano and she won’t attend.” he added.

The fans were curious why Lisa was sent to Paris in the first place if she wasn’t permitted to attend any of the fashion week’s events. Some pointed out that other BLACKPINK members, Rosé and Jisoo, could attend the shows yet YG never stopped them.

Her fanbase Team Lisa Philippines stated that they will halt their support of BLACKPINK’s work except for Lisa’s solo activities in response to “lack of proper treatment.”

“We have constantly protested for YG to improve their management,” the fan group said. 

They will stop supporting other members’ merchandise until YG can provide “genuine progress in handling Lisa better as their artist.”

Lisa, or Lalisa Manoban, is the only Thai member of the group.

All four members of BLACKPINK are active as global ambassadors for French luxury brands – Jisoo for Dior, Lisa for Celine, Rosé for Yves Saint Laurent, and Jennie for Chanel.

In September, Lisa released her solo debut, blending elements of Thai culture into the music video of LALISA.


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