Thailand to open doors to vaccinated travelers from ‘safe countries’ starting November 1

Thailand will open its doors to vaccinated travelers from a list of ten “safe” countries starting November 1, the Thai prime minister said on Monday.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said in a nationally televised address that it was time for the country to gradually reopen in accordance with his government’s plans.

The United States, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, and Germany were among the countries mentioned as being on the safe list with more to be announced later.

Prayut said that the decision was made with the economy in mind even though Covid-related repercussions were likely.

“I know that such decision has risk and it is almost certain that the daily number of Covid cases will increase once we begin to relax measures but we will closely monitor the situation,” Prayut said.

“This is the high season and we cannot miss this opportunity.

The government previously said that it would open the country up by October 1 but the deadline was pushed back due to increased infection numbers. But now with the government ramping up its vaccination program, Prayut said the decision was a calculated decision.

Prayut added that restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues will be allowed to reopen and sell alcoholic drinks from December 1.

Thailand has shut its doors to foreign travelers for close to two years due to the pandemic. The economy has been hard hit by the self-imposed violation with a recession in 2020 and minimal growth in 2021.


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