Chulalongkorn doctor warns against November reopening

A doctor from Chulalongkorn University warned on Monday against the reopening of the country in November saying it would bring unnecessary risks to the people.

Dr Thira Woratanarat, an Associate Professor at Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Medicine, posted on his social media page criticisms of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha’s plans to open the country to international travelers on November 1.

“Why are we trying to “open the country” when the testing system still has limited capacity, the percentage of fully vaccinated citizens is still small, coupled with the daily number of around 10,000 per day?” Thira asked.

He said other countries have reopened when they were ready in terms of being able to conduct a lot of tests per day, most of the population is fully vaccinated, and an effective tracking system was put in place.

And even then, some countries that have reopened still saw a surge of cases.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said in a nationally televised address on Monday that it was time for the country to gradually reopen to help save the economy.

Prayut said that the decision was made even though Covid-related repercussions, such as an increase in the number of daily Covid cases, were likely but the government will closely monitor the situation.

The kingdom reported 9,445 cases on Tuesday.


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