Tourists looking to enter Thailand past November 1 still told to book quarantine accommodations

Foreign travellers looking to enter Thailand after November 1 are still being told by overseas Thai embassies to book quarantine accomodations, multiple sources told Thai Enquirer this week, despite statements by the government saying that the country was partially opening up.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said earlier this month in a nationally televised address that Thailand will open its doors to vaccinated travelers from a list of ten “safe” countries starting November 1.

The prime minister said that it was time for the country to gradually reopen in accordance with his government’s plans. Prayut said that the decision was made with the economy in mind even though Covid-related repercussions were likely.

The United States, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, and Germany were among the countries mentioned by Prayut as being on the list. He said more countries would be announced within days but so far no more additions to the lists have been revealed.

According to multiple travelers looking to enter the kingdom, Thai embassies overseas have told visa applicants that they have received no instructions from the foreign ministry in Bangkok about the lifting of restrictions for vaccinated travellers.

“The embassy told us we will still need a certificate of entry and still need to book quarantine accomodations,” said one foreign traveller looking to enter Thailand from the United States.

Another tourist shared a email from the London embassy which reads:

“We have not been officially advised regarding November yet. If you are planning to travel to Thailand soon, you may prepare as if you are going into a quarantine hotel.”

The tourist said he was unable to obtain a visa without booking accomodations.

Queries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were not immediately answered. It is unclear why a key communication delivered by the prime minister to the nation was not forwarded to foreign mission overseas.


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