Miss Thailand Universe criticisms prompts debate over unfair beauty standards

A social media debate raged on Thai Twitter this past weekend and continued on Monday morning following the results of the Miss Thailand Universe Pageant.

While many were complimentary of the newly crowned winner Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, others criticized her body type prompting a furious response from sympathetic supporters

The hashtag #MissUniverseThailand2021 has been used 900,000 times since Sunday night’s competition finale with many commenting on the debate.

Anchilee has also made headlines for her answers to questions about climate change and body image – with responses that captured her supporters idealism and intellectualism.

Other supporters quickly rushed to defend her from ridiculous beauty standards and criticized those looking to “fat shame” her.

Many netizens were quick to point out that being slim should never be considered the gold standard for being beautiful.

“There is no standard to adhere to beauty. It’s what you set on your own. What makes you vulnerable is not beauty, but attitude towards others,” one Twitter user said.


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