D-Day for ruling Palang Pracharath Party

The ruling Palang Pracharath Party is set to meet Thursday to decide the fate of its current leadership structure and could see the ouster of current Party Secretary General Thammanat Prompao.

Thammanat was seen as a key figure in a September plot against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha which would have Prayut removed during a parliamentary no-confidence debate.

The plot failed when Thammanat’s backer and key ally Palang Pracharath Party Leader Prawit Wongsuwan had a change of heart at the last minute due to the plot being leaked to the press and lobbying by Prayut’s allies.

The executive meeting on Thursday will decide whether or not to replace Thammanat Prompao with a more loyal figure, tipped by many to be Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin.

Thammanat is a controversial figure both inside and outside the party. The former convicted drug dealer is seen by many analysts as a key power broker for the PPRP party and his deep-rooted networks in the country’s North East and Southern regions have been the party pick up seats in opponent strongholds.

But high-ranking figures have expressed their lack of trust in the former Pheu Thai operative even before September’s highly publicized putsch attempt.

Thammanat is especially disliked by the PPRP’s technocratic and idealistic wing who view the controversial MP as a liability for the party and some one who is only involved for power and money.

It is likely that should Thammanat be forced from his position inside the party, he would leave the party and take his extensive network with him.


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